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Girl who went 'stabby stab stab' for Slender Man talks about incident

Morgan Geyser shown after arrest
Morgan Geyser shown after arrest
Chicago Tribune

"People that trust you are very gullible."

These are the words spoken by 12-year-old Morgan Geyser told detectives after she and a friend lured another classmate into the woods to stab her to death to please imaginary creature Slender Man. On Wednesday, June 4th,, Reuters shared the latest details in this horrific story. The two girls accused of nearly killing their classmate have been thoroughly interrogated, and some of their comments have made it to the public -- some of which indicate that the problem is far deeper than a eerie belief in a make-believe monster.

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier plotted together for an incredible amount of time to perfect their attack with hopes that Slender Man would take them to his mansion in the woods, where they would live. After plotting and scheming and luring their chosen classmate into their inner circle, she was invited to a sleepover. However, that sleepover turned into terror when they lured her into the woods under the guise of playing "hide and seek" and bird watching. Together the delusional duo stabbed their victim nearly 20 times -- and it's an absolute wonder that she survived the attack -- something that the girls spoke out after their arrests, and with very little emotion. Most disturbing, however, were the words used by one of the girls while talking about the attack.

Geyser's words to describe the brutal attack were disturbingly flippant and jovial, as if she was mocking the fact that she had just tried to murder another person. She said that she and Weier walked through the woods with the girl, and after passing a public restroom and some trees.

"Stabby stab stab," Geyser said (of attacking her classmate).

The lack of emotion is something else to note in these new developments. In the following quote, Morgan Geyser speaks of half wanting her to live, and half wanting her to die.

"The bad part of me wanted her to die. The good part of me wanted her to live. It was weird that I didn't feel remorse." -- Morgan Geyser

Both Geyser and her co-defendant are charged as adults -- which means they can be facing some pretty serious prison time for attempting to kill the unnamed victim. However, Geyser's attorney insists that she is mentally ill and has no criminal record -- therefore she should be treated accordingly. One has to wonder, though, if she were legally insane would she be able to plot for as long as he did in hopes of committing the crime?

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