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Girl who escaped Boko Haram kidnapping speaks out

One of the 50 girls who escaped the Boko Haram kidnapping is speaking out. It all started a few weeks ago when girls at the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School heard gunshots ringing out from a nearby town. Shortly after, uniformed armed men entered the school and told the girls they were there to rescue them.

Girl escaped from Boko Haram kidnappers
Girl escaped from Boko Haram kidnappers
Sunday Alamba/AP/MSN
Escaped Boko Haram kidnapping victim speaks out
Sunday Alamba/AP/MSN

The girl, 16, revealed that the gunmen told them, “Don’t worry, we’re soldiers. Nothing is going to happen to you.” After moving hundreds of students outside the building they men took all of the food from a storeroom and set it on fire. The young teen said that, “They started shouting, ‘Allahu Akhbar’, (God is great), and we knew.”

The men were members of the ruthless Islamic extremist group called Boko Haram. They kidnapped the girls removing them from the school grounds in pickup trucks. 276 girls are still missing while two have died from snakebites and 20 others are ill. These statistics were garners by an intermediary who has been in contact with Boko Haram.

On Monday, Boko Haram which translates in English to “Western education is sinful” released a video claiming responsibility for the kidnapping and has threatened to sell the girls. The young lady who is finally speaking out was one of the 50 students who were able to escape from the kidnappers.

On the day of the kidnapping, Bana Lawal, a local government official received a cell phone call warning him that 200 heavily armed militants in 20 pickup trucks and 20 motorcycles were headed towards his town. Lawal stated he contacted the 15 soldiers guarding Chibok and alerted them to the warning. He then woke up residents and had them run away from the town and hide in the nearby hills.

The soldiers stated they sent an emergency message to their nearest barracks that was about an hour’s drive away but no help arrived. The soldiers were able to hold off the insurgents for an hour and a half before running out of ammunition. One of the soldiers was killed and the others fled the scene.

When one of the vehicles broke down, the girl and one of her friends jumped out of the truck and ran. The girl who is speaking out for the first time remembered that one student said, “We should go. Me, I am coming down. They can shoot me if they want but I don’t know what they are going to do with me otherwise.”

After jumping from the truck the girls ran into the bush and hid. She said, “We ran and ran, so fast. That is how I saved myself. I had no time to be scared, I was just running.”

When she was reunited with loved ones, the girl said, “I’m the only girl in my family, so I hold a special place and everyone was so happy. But that didn’t last long.”

One family member is upset that the Nigerian military hasn’t done more to rescue the girls. Family searchers had come close to the camp where the girls bar being held but yet the military hadn’t. The family couldn’t rescue the girls because they were unarmed and didn’t have the numbers or firepower to undertake a successful rescue operation.

One, a man named Buba, 42 said, “What was strange was that none of the people we spoke to had seen a soldier man in the area, yet the military were saying they were in hot pursuit.”

Information Minister, Lararan Maku said on Friday, “Every information related to security agencies has so far been investigated, including the search of all places suspected as a possible hide-away of the kidnapped girls.”

The mother of a missing 15 year-old girl said, “I am so very sad because the government of Nigeria did not take care of our children and does not now care about our children. All we have left is to pray to God to help them and help us.”

The young girl said she is very worried about her friends. She said, “I am really lucky and I can thank God for that. But God must help all of them. Their parents are worrying. Every day, everyone is crying.”

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