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Girl tweets American Airlines, arrested for threat: Pleads 'I'm a white girl'

Girl tweets American Airlines and is arrested for threat.
Girl tweets American Airlines and is arrested for threat.
Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

When a 14-year-old girl tweeted American Airlines joking around, it wasn’t considered a joke. The FBI got immediately involved and it wasn't long until she was arrested. The girl, who is from the Netherlands, turned herself in to the Rotterdam police and she is being questioned on her motive for tweeting that she was with Al Qaida and promised “something really big” on June 1.

According to USA Today on April 14, American Airlines tweeted her back that they take threats seriously and the FBI had been notified. The girl's Twitter address is @QueenDemetriax_, but now it is a blank page because it was taken down. Why she would think that this was funny or why she would even attempt such a risky prank, one could only imagine that she has to be very immature.

Once she saw how serious American Airlines appeared in their tweet, she got the shock of her life. At one point she tweeted she had "blocked the FBI" from her Twitter page, so basically she was saying you have to back off now because you can't find me.

This was after American told her the FBI would be given her IP address. The police report that when she turned herself in she came into the station with an adult. Oh, those proud parents, can't you just hear them now. Their little Sarah is known around the world today for making a terrorist threat!

Scared, the girl then sent a series of tweets and you could see her level of fear rising with each new tweet. The girl who identified herself as Sarah started this off when she tweeted the airline:

"hello my name's Ibrahim and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye."

American Airlines’ response was short and to the point:

"Sarah, we take these threats very seriously. Your IP address and details will be forwarded to security and the FBI."

This sent the 14-year-old into a tail spin. Her tweets were more frantic by the minute explaining she’s just a girl playing around. She went from “I’m so stupid, I’m scared” to trying to divert their attention to her friend who she throws under the bus. She tweets again:

"I was joking and it was my friend not me, take her IP address not mine.”

She then pulls out the big guns:

"I'm just a fangirl pls I don't have evil thoughts and plus I'm a white girl."

Folks online started tweeting and so-called Sarah would occasionally interrupt with a desperate plea for forgiveness. Many thought this was a ploy, some type of an internet hoax because it went on for so long. Heck, the girl even threw her best friend under the bus.

After a while, American Airlines removed the original tweet it sent to the girl and told the Huffington Post:

"The safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority. We take security matters very seriously and work with authorities on a case by case basis"

They also said:

"Regarding (the) tweet, we removed it after it had been addressed in order to be able to focus on our customers."

Sarah’s Twitter page was taken down. What the FBI has decided to do about the threat, however child-like it may now appear, they declined to comment, according to the New York Daily News today.

All this attention spawned another threat. Someone out there thought they’d copy Sarah’s joke. They tweeted their threat to Southwest Airlines. This airline also tweeted back a reprimand much like American Airlines did. These kids are sure keeping the airlines and the FBI busy today!

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