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Girl tweets American Airlines: 14-yr-old's American Airline tweet ends in arrest

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A girl’s tweet to American Airlines, which evidently was nothing more than inane behavior by a naive 14-year-old, ended in an arrest by Dutch police. The teenage girl sent the airlines a threatening tweet, claiming to be a member of Al Qaida, and said she planned to do something “really big.”

NBC News reported today that police arrested the Rotterdam girl, who was evidently scared out of her skinny jeans and denim jacket after she sent the tweet and received an immediate reply from the airlines, who didn’t think her so-called precocious tweet was the least bit funny.

The girl, identified only as Sarah, and using a Twitter name @QueenDemetriax, tweeted:

@AmericanAir hello my name's Ibrahim and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye.

And the swift reply from American Airlines was:

@queendemetriax_Sarah, we take these threats very seriously. Your IP address and details will be forwarded to security and the FBI.

Sarah’s Twitter account was subsequently suspended, and media outlets are reporting that the girl, accompanied by her mother, turned herself over to Dutch police to be voluntarily arrested.

"It was a serious tweet, so we had to investigate," Cenet De Jonge, a spokesperson for Rotterdam Police, said.

In a statement, the airline assured its customers of its dedication to safety.

“At American, the safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority. We take security matters very seriously and work with authorities on a case by case basis.”

London's Mirror tabloid carried a long series of conciliatory tweets from Sarah to the airlines. At one point she even tried to shift the blame to someone else.

"I was joking and it was my friend not me, take her IP address not mine," the girl tweeted, according to the Daily News. She even tweeted that she doesn’t have “evil thoughts” and that she’s “just a white girl,” as if no white person could be capable of carrying out an act of terrorism.

The Daily News notes "the Twitterverse soon filled with posters who took up Sarah's pleas for leniency, laughed at her foolishness or speculated the whole thing was a hoax."

Dumbest prank ever? Leave your thoughts below.

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