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Girl turns in her parents for growing pot in home, blowing smoke in dog's face

Random cannabis greenhouse
Random cannabis greenhouse
Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

A 9-year-old Minnesota girl says no to drugs, but her mom and dad don't.

On June 6, a girl turned in her parents for allegedly growing pot in the family's home because the smell from the pot smoke makes her sick and she wants her folks to stop smoking weed. And it appears police are not buying the medical marijuana excuse the mother provided, according to a July 6 NewsOxy report.

Barnesville police, after acting on information provided by a young girl of illegal activity in her home, raided her parents' residence. Sources say the girl calmly walked into the local precinct and spilled on the goings on at her home. Later, police found marijuana plants growing on the premises just as the girl explained. Additionally, they found meth and materials used to grow the illegal plants, apparently, for distribution.

The young girl who turned her parents in for growing the pot said they are heavy smokers who routinely blow smoke into the mouths of their pit bull terriers.

But perhaps the biggest shocker in this drug bust is that the young girl, according to investigators, is very knowledgeable about growing pot and is fully versed the paraphernalia that accompanies it. After the child turned in her parents and talked to police about the pot in the home, one thing struck the police as very odd: the girl sounded like an adult during the interview.

She appeared to have intelligence far above a normal little girl… She gave some pretty specific information about things, like types of drug paraphernalia, that no young person ought to have knowledge about," said Officer Ryan Beattie.

Police confiscated the drugs and plants on the property and are conducting tests to confirm their suspicions. Until then, the girl's mother and father are free pending laboratory results, but abuse charges are expected to be filed over the treatment of their pets. Meanwhile, the 9-year-old is in custody with her grandparents.

The entire story reads like a comedy sketch and many are outraged about why grownups would act this way in the presence of a minor. Nonetheless, when a girl turns in her parents for growing pot in their home, it proves that good things come in small packages.

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