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Girl turns in parents for growing pot: 9-year-old girl takes bite out of crime

Girl turns in parents for growing pot and selling it. Parents facing a few charges.
Girl turns in parents for growing pot and selling it. Parents facing a few charges.
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

A nine-year-old law abiding citizen walked into her local police station and turned her parents in for growing and selling pot. The Barnesville, Minn. police were dealing with something they don’t ordinarily come across, a child giving the police a lead on marijuana suppliers, who just happen to be her parents, according to Mail Online on July 4.

The little girl, whose name was withheld for obvious reasons, said that she couldn’t stand the smell in the house anymore, it was making her sick. Her parents were growing the pot in the crawl space of their home and the house reeked of the plant.

According to The Free Thought Project, this is one step closer to Orwell’s “1984” when the girl went into the police station and approached a police officer with her complaint. If this was a little girl trying to break away from horrible parents who neglect or abuse her that would be one thing.

If this little girl went into the police station because she was basically conditioned to do this to the point that she finds “solace in relying on the state instead of her own parents,” then this is concerning, suggests The Free Thought Project.

She also had concerns for her dog’s health because her mother and father would blow the pot smoke into the dog’s mouth when her parents were smoking the drug. Police say this nine-year-old knew a lot about drug paraphernalia, as she reported to the police that there were other objects around their home her parents used for smoking.

Police thought this young girl had intelligence far above her peer group as she gave up some very detailed information on drug paraphernalia that a child that age shouldn't know about, never mind witness in her own home. Her detailed information went as far as telling the police how many plants they had and that the plants were almost as tall as she was.

Officer Ryan Beattie interviewed the girl and he was impressed by her maturity level, how articulate she was, but most of all how genuine this child was about wanting the house safe for her and the dog. He called her a “very brave, very smart, very articulate little girl.” He said he felt as if he was interviewing an adult because she acted much older than her age.

The police carried out a search of the home and found everything the child said would be there and more. They found a substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. The lab is analyzing the plants and the other chemicals found at the home. The police will then press charges depending on what those tests indicate.

The child said her parents smoked pot every day at home and people come in and out all day and night to buy pot. The parents admitted to using the marijuana, the mother uses it to help her symptoms of MS. The sales of the marijuana were to help make ends meet, according to the mom.

The two pit bull dogs checked out fine and there was no evidence that the parents had given the dogs pot, other than what their daughter told police. The child is now staying with her grandparents. She was taken away from the parents when they lived in North Dakota because they were smoking pot in front of her. Back then she was taken in by child protective services for basically the same thing.

Kids are learning all about the illegal drugs and their use at an early age at school. Speaking up is encouraged when drug use is witnessed and it looks as if the young girl “just said ‘no’ to drugs.” She didn’t want to smell the plants and she didn’t want her dogs subjected to pot smoke. Is this a case right out of "1984" or is this a case of parents being called on their roles as parents? Now that pot is slowly becoming a legal substance in states across the U.S., what do you think?

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