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Girl trapped in washing machine on spin cycle: Laundromat horror for 5-year-old

Girl trapped in washer in serious condition after going around on spin cycle for several minutes.
Girl trapped in washer in serious condition after going around on spin cycle for several minutes.
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

A five-year-old girl endured several minutes of sheer horror as she went around on a spin cycle in a Laundromat washing machine. The spin cycle was going so fast that it looked as if there was a dress inside, and not a child. The girl was moving too fast to be visible at first, so no one noticed this horrific event going on right before their very eyes, reports the New York Daily News on Sept. 3.

The Pasadena, Texas girl crawled inside the machine and was playing. She shut the door and the machine engaged in its spin cycle. For several minutes the girl tumbled at a fast rate of speed inside that washing machine until someone finally realized it wasn’t laundry, but a little girl making the thumping sound they were hearing.

It’s not known just how the incident played out with the girl finding her way into the washing machine at Le Washateria in Pasadena on Tuesday night. No one can figure out how she managed to get the door closed and turn on the machine on high, but police don’t suspect foul play in this incident.

KHOU News reports that the police are investigating this incident. Police on the scene said that someone clearly failed to look after this child, but they have not released any information on who that person is.

Another patron of the Laundromat said that she had tried the machine a few minutes earlier, but the washer wouldn’t turn on. The little girl was battered for the several minutes she remained in the machine before being spotted. A spokesperson for the Pasadena Police Department, Vance Mitchell, said “She was tumbling pretty fast in there.”

The child was airlifted to a hospital suffering from serious injuries. There is no information on who the child was with at the Laundromat. The girl is recuperating at Memorial Hermann Hospital today and she is expected to survive her injuries.

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