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Girl trapped in sand dies: Oregon beach sand smothers girl despite frantic dig

A day at the beach isn’t supposed to end like this, but for one Oregon family it did as a tragedy took the life of their little 9-year-old girl. It wasn’t a shark, a drowning or a sting of a jellyfish, the little girl was covered with sand when a hole collapsed around her, reports ABC News on Aug. 30.

Beach sand kills girl, 9, when a hole she was playing in caved in on her. The sand looks harmless, but think again!
Wikimedia Commons

The girl was with her family on the beach when a hole in the sand she was playing in collapsed in around her. A 911 call to police and firefighters was made about 5 p.m. as the family and other people on the beach frantically tried to dig the child out of the sand.

“Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Sunday Aug 30, report it is unsure if the hole was there when the family got to the beach of if they had dug it themselves. The police arrived and they could see people on the beach trying to free the girl.

Lincoln City Police Department officers actually helped extract the girl from the sand. She was unconscious and not breathing at the time, according to KSL News today. Officers gave CPR to the girl until the firefighters arrived and took over. They continued the lifesaving tactics in the ambulance transporting the girl to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Who would have thought there was hidden dangers in the beach sand. This is a deadly danger, but all it appeared to be was a child just having fun digging in the sand, until it caved in all around her.

According to ABC News back in June, several children were actually buried alive playing in the beach sand at the beginning of the summer. At a beach in Marin County, California, a 12-year-old was digging into a sand dune when it collapsed around him killing him.

A 16-year-old boy was buried by sand and died in Long Beach, New Jersey and a 17-year-old boy was injured when sand caved in on him in an Indiana sand pit. According to Chris Brewster of the San Diego Life Guard Service, the problem with sand is that it suffocates quickly when a person is buried underneath a cave in. The sand gets into the person's airways and they can't breath, he told ABC News.

Above is a video of another sand collapse tragedy of a grown man who died when beach sand caved in on him. It is not just kids who are at risk.

The child was not identified by name pending notification of relatives, said the police. A spokesperson from North Lincoln Fire Department, Jim Kusz, told the media that the girl and her family are from the town of Sandy. They were just up visiting the beach in Oregon for the day. Sandy is about 28 miles southeast of Portland.

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