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Girl stuck in washing machine: Firefighters free girl stuck during hide and seek

A girl playing hide and seek, chose the wrong hiding place.
A girl playing hide and seek, chose the wrong hiding place.
NBC Bay Area

An 11-year-old girl from Utah had to be rescued by firefighters after a game of hide and seek went wrong and she got stuck in a washing machine. Metro reported on Jan. 3, 2014, that the girl simply found a hiding place that she thought was a good one, and just couldn't get back out again.

Firefighters say that she climbed into the washing machine while playing the game with her cousins and ended up being trapped in there for close to 90 minutes.

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While in the washing machine, the girl had curled up so tight that she lost muscle function in her legs and other parts of her body. This restricted her from getting out of the machine so the fire department was called to help as they could.

Before calling the fire department, her family had tried using peanut butter, ice, butter, and warm water after the girl got cold, but they still couldn't get her out.

First responders arrived on the scene with a variety of tools that they used to remove the dryer situated above the washing machine, and pull the girl out.

“Afterwards we laughed about it. We all laughed about it,” said the girl’s mother. “But at the time it was scary.”

Due to her age, and embarrassment, the girl stuck in a washing machine did not want her identity revealed. She was not injured though and is said to be doing fine.

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