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Girl Scouts take up green work on Winacka water

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Camp water work comes in SUmer for San Diego girl scouts. The top work breaking old cookie selling records is over. The awards are in.

Time to take up rugged teamwork at camp Winacka in July. On the lake water, in the wind in the Cuyamaca mountain pines, girl scouts at the Just Add Water camp together, in teams, build boats out of recycled materials. Solving the challenge building a boat together that will carry a team on the lake waters makes just the first lesson to remember.

Another round of teamwork comes. Learning fitting work that turns a scout into a good green worker in a San Diego workforce takes imagination and inspiration. Brain work does not raise a girl scout to the accomplishment height. Scouting also takes character. The character a team needs to take their own green boat out into the water, and, win the race to the finish.

There is no retreat in the water at Just Add Water. Girl scouts learn the skills used to make their way through life out in nature. Memories of canoe rides and night swims keep the scouts' accomplishment marks up. The aquatic sports played at camp Winacka take full courage to win.

On land, acting to use bow and arrow skills sets new marks for using touch. The warm, and dry, Summer weather at Cuyamaca mountain, not far from the town of Julian, on Boulder Creek Road off the 79 highway, stays just perfect for accomplishing goals.

No one strays from the path to do green work at the San Diego Girl Scout organization accredited by the American Camp Association. Association leaders have been taking a breath, and exploring new girl scout best practices that raise the bar on scout learning experiences that make a difference in a girl's life. The scout way of working sometimes takes discoveries to keep up with the times. WOrk done during Summer at Just Add Water solves one challenge.

Making a green boat, from scratch, proven fit for success as a team carries through on the water.

THe line continues next week. . . .

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