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Girl Scouts executives hire lesbian as 'girl experience officer'

Krista Kokjohn-Poehler has been hired to work in the Girl Scouts executiveofficer in New York City, Breitbart News reported, and given the title of “Girl Experience Officer.” The hiring has received little or no news coverage since it was announced five months ago.

Lesbian hired by Girl Scouts as "Girl Experience Officer"
San Diego Magazine via Breitbart News

Breitbart News reported, “Kokjohn-Poehler is an out lesbian married to a woman named Ashley Kokjohn. And, given her sexual preference, it may strike some as odd that her job title is "Girl Experience Officer."”

Kokjohn-Poehler is reported to be a lesbian whose marriage to another woman was celebrated in news coverage in San Diego Magazine.

San Diego Magazine featured Kokjohn-Poehler’s 2007 commitment ceremony: “Like many of the best love stories, this one began with a beautiful friendship. Krista Poehler and Ashley Kokjohn were immediately drawn to each other when they met in college, and spent countless hours discussing family, life goals and much more,” Breitbart News reported, “The brides were radiant in formal white gowns; their parents wore black, and the bridesmaids wore taupe. The couple exchanged matching diamond eternity bands an dread vows they wrote themselves, then their parents joined the bridal party and surrounded them in a ‘circle of love.’” Ashley called it beautiful, spiritual and perfect.”

Breitbart reported Kokjohn-Poehler's new job, as described on her LinkedIn profile, as a role I which she will, “serve as the chief of girl innovation and be the expert on and organizational voice for girls. Lead the "Girl Experience" team in efforts to take insights from marketplace data and collaborate internally and externally to drive program innovation.”

Critics have accused the Girl Scouts leadership of moving toward the left and embracing cultural values many Americans do not agree with. Breitbart reported, “Penny Nance, former Girl Scout and president of Concerned Women for America, told Breitbart News, “In the last ten years the Girl Scouts have lost about a few hundred thousand members, and part of the reason for that is their tone deafness toward the cultural values of American moms."

Breitbart noted many leaving the Girl Scouts have joined a rival organization called “American Heritage Girls.”

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