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Girl Scouts- A World of Change

Change as they grow up- Bridging from Cadette to Senior Girl Scout
Change as they grow up- Bridging from Cadette to Senior Girl Scout
Sherri Davis

As a Girl Scout leader for going on 8 years now, I have seen change. I took a psychology class a few years ago and ran across some of my notes, and what I read really spoke to me about change. We were challenged to think about our personal lives and how around us businesses, professions, groups and, society as a whole, has changed over the years. If we are not ready for change- it will happen anyway- so we need to be prepared. The Girl Scout Motto right? So always remember: "Be prepared for change. Be prepared to change. And after the change, be prepared to change again."

I have seen Girl Scouts as a business go through a complete program change twice since my daughter has been in, and that is not just the rising price of the cookies! Many leaders fought the changes in badge work and hated the new Journeys that are more than a bit complicated to do with the girls. We loved our Try its and Interest Projects, but they just disappeared. We had to change! All new badges emerged from the confusion and all new ways to do them. We have to get all new books and paperwork. And in the mean time our girls keep getting older! Change! More girl led they tell us from the top Girl Scout gurus; which is a great concept if you can get them off their phones long enough to make any long term plans. With technology lunging ahead almost daily and our girls getting busier and more distracted, we as leaders, have to be ready to change with them, even if we are not as savvy technically as the girls are. They are getting "Too school for cool" as Pink would say. Girl Scouts and the activities need to stay somewhat cool to keep our kids interested, yet we still need to teach them the basic core ideals that haven't changed. We still want them to "change" the world and make it a better place, right? But how do we keep them interested enough to do that? I don't have any great words of wisdom, but I know that we need to show them that Girl Scouts can open them up to worlds that, yes the internet can show them, but Girl Scouting can help them get there for real.

As a leader and a mom, I am challenging myself to look for what I can change in my thinking and get the girls more engaged and willing to participate. Lately I have had them helping with the younger troops and with kids anywhere I can. This seems to be one answer. They love helping with younger girls and boys and being someone the kids can look up to. I try to come up with creative and different events that go with current fads. Since most of my girls want to go to college, I am trying to get them to any events where they can see women in successful jobs. I need more ideas- and I am trying to change my thinking- to think out of the box as it were and hopefully the girls will come up with ideas too. Maybe they will be inspired in their hours on Tumblr or Instagram and bring those ideas to Girl Scouts. They are so bright and talented: I hope our girls are the ones coming up with these websites and apps, and running the world succesfully in the very near future.

Please let me know if you have any ideas of how to change- I want Girl Scouts to be in my daughters life till she is 18. How can I change the way she looks at Girl Scouts and have her be excited about it again? They were so much fun when they were little. I miss all the fun crafts and songs! Your thoughts???