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Girl Scout Troop 4247 spreads cheer with wood chips

Green Bay's Girl Scout troop 4247 performed a community service project for St. Joseph's Catholic Church in spreading wood chips around the children's play area. The project was requested as the quad parish's custodian had severed his Achilles tendon and is currently on light duty and was no longer able to to the job.

According to leader, Jean Westergaard, the troop, small as they are (2 girls and 3 leaders), would be happy to perform the task at hand and with scouts Mya and Amber and 2 leaders, tackled moving a truck load of wood chips around the play area.

The entire project in the addition of 4-6 inches of new wood chips which now cover some of the exposed footings which might have endangered the children playing in and around the jungle gym and slides.

Mya said, "Doing this is easy even though it is hard work."

The girls were rewarded by going out for a buffet luncheon and an afternoon of swimming sponsored by the troop.

The entire event took approximately three hours and it took the neighborhood children five minutes to discover the new look at the play area.


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