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Girl Scout pot store: Girl Scout cookies being sold outside pot store sell out

Selling Girl Scout cookies outside a pot store is just about genius, don't you think? On Feb. 21, the New York Daily News reported that a Girl Scout from San Francisco set up shop outside of a medical marijuana facility near her home. The 13-year-old sold out of cookies in just 45 minutes. Needless to say the teen has a great chance at winning the "trip" this year!

For the past few years, Danielle Lei has set up a table outside of The Green Cross pot dispensary to sell Girl Scout cookies to any patients of the facility. As she points out, the people who come out of the pot shop tend to be hungry, hence her huge success.

The Girl Scout feels safe outside the pot store because there is a security guard on duty and there are cameras everywhere according to the girl's mother. Her mom supports her selling cookies to these marijuana patients and doesn't think that selling to "stoners" is any different than going door-to-door with her cookie form. And while you might think that could be considered "scamming" the system, the Girl Scouts of America doesn't have a problem with it whatsoever.

"Girls are selling cookies, and they and their parents pick out places where they can make good sales. We're not telling people where they can and can't go if it's a legitimate business," said Girl Scouts spokeswoman Dana Allen.

The Girl Scout pot store business is booming and that's a win/win.

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