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Girl Scout pot club: Savvy teen turns munchies into sales of Girl Scout Cookies

Where there’s pot, there’s folks with the munchies and Girl Scout Cookies are just the thing to quench a pot-smoker’s appetite. One very smart young lady figured out that her Girl Scout Cookie sales would probably fare well in front of a pot shop, so that’s just what she did, she set up shop herself.

Girl Scout sells cookies in front of pot shop, hoping for a wave of people looking for munchies!

According to Delish on Feb. 21, the Girl Scout’s cookie selling tactics worked, as she got plenty of customers outside of a marijuana shop in San Francisco. If you had to find a place that people would buy on impulse because they were hungry, you couldn’t find one better.

Danielle Lee, is very serious about selling her Girl Scout cookies. While some might call her sales location a bit controversial, she showed she is very sales savvy when finding a niche for her product. Lee’s mother called ahead to make sure it was OK with the shop for her 13-year-old daughter to set up her Girl Scout Cookies sale table.

The shop, Green Cross, agreed to have Lee take a spot in front of the shop. Lee’s mother said that it’s no secret that pot is an appetite stimulus, so it just seemed like a good spot to sell the cookies.

The Girl Scout’s hunch was right, within two hours she had unloaded 114 boxes. She set up shop the day before in front of a Safeway and didn’t come near 100 boxes in sales. Her pot shop sales strategy let her sale 37 more boxes in front of the marijuana store than she did at Safeway the day before.

The Girl Scouts didn’t have an issue with Lee’s choice of selling locations, Dana Allen of the Girl Scouts of Northern California said, “We're not telling people where they can and can't go if it's a legitimate business." Allen is the marketing and communications director for the Girl Scouts in that region.

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