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Girl Scout cookie record: Oklahoma girl sells more than 18,000 boxes of cookies

Girl Scout cookie sales record beat by Oklahoma City girl
Girl Scout cookie sales record beat by Oklahoma City girl

A Girl Scout cookie sales record has been topped by Katie Francis, a Girl Scout from Oklahoma City. Katie Francis has sold an incredible 18,107 boxes of the Girl Scout cookies, according to a Reuters report presented by Yahoo! News on Monday.

Eleven-year-old Katie Francis says that there are three ingredients to selling the Girl Scout cookies. It takes a lot of time, lots of commitment, and asking everybody she sees.

The previous record of selling 18,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies was set in the almost 20 years ago by Elizabeth Brinton. Scout Francis has a goal of selling at least 20,000 by the end of March, just a week away. She said in an interview that she will do a song and dance if it will help her sales pitch to sell the cookies.

Ms. Francis said she topped the Oklahoma state record the past two years, and she thought it just seemed like the national record was next on her list of things to accomplish.

The Girl Scouts sell cookies to finance troop activities – and have been doing so for approximately a century now.