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Girl saves two sisters from house fire: Firefighters lesson at school paid off

11-year-old girl saves 2 younger sister from house fire after lightning strikes.
11-year-old girl saves 2 younger sister from house fire after lightning strikes.
Wikimedia Commons

One very brave 11-year-old girl didn't think twice when lightning set their house on fire. She scooped up her two younger sisters and got them out of the house. Rubye Capers was at home alone with her two younger sisters when she saw smoke billowing out from the wall where the air condition was and took charge, according to At More News on July 16.

For the Capers family it was an ordinary day with mom at work and her two older siblings out of town. It was night, so it was dark and a thunderstorm was rolling in with lightning strikes getting closer. When their power went out, their dad, Jerry Capers, walked over to a neighbor's house to see if they too lost their power.

According to DBTechno today, the fire occurred in Atmore, Alabama when the severe thunderstorms came through. These were the same storms that dozens of states weathered over the past few days.

Rubye was on the living room floor with her four-year-old sister Katie on her lap with her 2-year-old sister sleeping nearby. The 11-year-old girl was playing with her iPod when she turned to look toward the wall and saw smoke and flames coming out of the area that holds the air condition unit. Rubye said, "I thought to myself, I'm getting out of here and taking my sisters with me."

That's just what she did, darted out the door with her two younger sisters in tow. She went to her neighbor's house and the neighbor called 911.

When Rubye looked back at the house when she was making the trek to her neighbors, she said she could see flames coming out of the front door she had just come through with her sisters. This is when the pre-teen realized she escaped with her siblings just in time.

The Atmore Fire Department deserves some credit for Rubye's quick thinking. She said that the fire department had come to her school and taught the kid's what to do in case of a fire. Rubye said that the fire fighters told her and her classmates to leave the house and go to a neighbors if she ever happened to find herself in a house fire.

Those directions stuck with Rubye, who appears to be a smart and very caring young lady. Rubye's father, Jerry, who was down the street at another neighbor's house saw the flames coming out of his house and he ran as fast as he could to get inside to his kids, he didn't know they had escaped to a neighbor's house.

He said he tried to open the front door, but it was stuck. The pressure of the fire must have sealed it shut, said Jerry. He then kicked it in and ran throughout the home looking for his kids. When he was sure they were not in the house he came out of the fire.

Jerry had burned both his hands in his panicky state looking for his kids. Rubye's mother was at work when her boss told her that her house was on fire. Toni Capers said she couldn't breathe on the ride home, she was in a state of panic worried about her family.

Toni's boss drove her home and she arrived to see the fire trucks and firefighters filling the street. Toni could soon breathe freely when she was reunited with her girls and her husband. Rubye is the family's hero today and she will always be remembered as the little girl who led her sisters out of a burning home to safety!

Witnesses said that after Rubye exited the house with her sisters, it was in a matter of no time that flames shot out of the doors and windows of the house. The house is in cinders today, as the fire was fast and furious. It spread in a matter of no time.

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