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Girl’s Uzi shooting: Range instructor death haunts family of 9-year-old

The nine-year-old girl who shot and killed a gun range instructor by accident with an Uzi, told her parents that the gun was "too much" for her. The girl dropped the gun and ran to her parents after the fatal shot hit Charles Vacca in the head at the White Hills, Arizona shooting range. Today the child and her family are devastated and praying for instructor’s family, according to MSN News on Sept 3.

Child who shot and killed gun instructor by accident, said the gun was too much for her to handle.

Vacca had the little girl shoot a few rounds while he held the gun in tandem with the child before she was allowed to shot the Uzi all be herself. She was shooting the gun all by herself when the gun wrenched upward, shooting the instructor in the head , reports ABC News.

The parents of the girl are identified as Alex Gen and Alison MacLachlan. The police will not give out the state the couple hail from, but the family’s lawyer is New Jersey based, Attorney Kevin Walsh. He released a statement describing the family’s devastation around this tragedy.

When the child dropped the gun at the shooting range and came running over to her parents, they thought that she had hurt herself. They did not noticed that Vacca had dropped to the ground until the staff at the range ran over to him.

The little girl told police that the gun was “too much” for her and that it hurt her shoulder after she shot it. The family is the focus of an online debate as they allowed their nine-year-old daughter to shot an Uzi, which is a sub-machine gun.

Most people wonder what possible reason could there be for a child of this age to shoot such a powerful weapon. The debate over weapons and children has been a heated online debate since the incident happened.

The one person who will most likely have a tough time about this the rest of her life is the child. It wasn't her fault at all, adults who were there were responsible for her safety, but she now has to live the rest of her life knowing that she shot that fatal bullet. It will most likely cause her some mental anguish for quite a long time, possibly the rest of her life.

Sadly police believe the most criminally negligent person in this event was the instructor, who paid with his life. Police have not brought charges against anyone in this tragedy. The 911 call from the incident has been released and it can be heard in the above video.

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