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Maren Sanchez refuses prom date and gets stabbed to death

Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut where girl was stabbed to death on April 25, 2014 after refusing a prom date.
Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut where girl was stabbed to death on April 25, 2014 after refusing a prom date.

A high school teenage boy asked his female friend Maren Sanchez to go to the junior prom at a Connecticut high school. When the she said no, she ended up dead. The jilted boy reportedly stabbed the girl to death, according to a New York Post report on Friday.

Maren Sanchez, had plans to go to her high school prom at Jonathan Law High School in the Long Island Sound city of Milford, Connecticut, on Friday night. Her plans were to go with another boy. However, the 16-year-old girl ended up dead early Friday morning after she was confronted by a boy named Chris Plaskon near a stairwell at the school.

Reportedly, Plaskon went berserk and threw her down a flight of stairs when she refused to go to the prom with him, according to ABC News. He also took a knife to her, giving her multiple stab wounds including slashings to the girl’s face and chest. Sanchez fought her attacker off vehemently but unsuccessfully. She is said to have bitten the boy as he strangled her and cut her with the knife.

Plaskon, described as a class clown by persons who know him, and Sanchez had been pals – but nothing that would be considered a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship according to classmates who spoke about the situation. Yet, it was said that the boy who killed her actually loved her. Plaskon, Sanchez, and the other boy - with whom Sanchez had planned to go to the prom - had all been friends for a long time. They grew up together.

The student who had planned to go to the prom with Sanchez is Jarrod Butts. He reportedly said that Plaskon had had a crush on Sanchez for as long as he could remember. Others say that Plaskon was enraged when Sanchez started dating Butts in recent weeks. The murderer carried a kitchen knife to school and was apparently ready to confront the girl about her prom date. After the incident, Plaskon was cooperative as the school’s security guard handcuffed him. He has been charged with murder and is now at an adolescent psych ward on suicide watch.

The Friday night prom was postponed due to the incident. Th Maren Sanchez stabbing incident occcurred approximately two weeks after a stabbing incident in a Pennsylvania high school. In that incident, Alex Hribal stabbed at least 21 persons. In a court case on Friday, a chilling note written by Hribal three days before the rampage was reported upon.