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Girl or Boy : Wives tales & Baby Gender

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Its A.....
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Everyone I came across while I was pregnant with my kids insisted I was having a girl because of the way I was carrying. Two boys later I have learned to take the old wives tales with a grain of salt. I wanted to put a list of some of the best known wives tales when it comes to telling the gender of your baby before the common ultrasound that confirms for most these days.

Carrying that baby high?  Most will insist you are having a little girl, and if you are carrying your little one on the low side, boy it is!  Science says that the position of your baby and the way you will carry is determined by muscle and uterine tone.  Even though Grandma will insist girls prefer the view from the top of the belly.

Fast heartbeat? For sure a little girl!  Old myths say that a baby with 140 beats per minute or higher will for sure be a little girl, and below 140 beats per minute will for sure be a little boy. Two boys later, I can attest that is false!  My little men always maintained around 150 beats per minute for heart beats.  Science also tells us that gender does not impact heart rate until labor, when girls heart rates will considerably increase.

It's all in the Drano! This is always one that made me laugh. This old wives tale involves urine from the pregnant woman, and drano, the stuff you unclog your drains with. Don't ask me! I didn't come up with it! While the color of the urine soaked drano is supposed to be an indication of the sex you are having, it is unclear which colors are supposed to be which gender, and visa versa. Pesky science has peaked its head again and debunked this myth.

Chubby Hubby! Is your husband gaining baby weight right along with you? He is?  Oh well you are having a girl for sure!  This wives tale insists that if your husband packs on the preggo pounds, you are for sure going to be expecting a daughter. If he doesn't have any baby weight gain, boy it is!  Of course we know, as well as science tells us the weight gain in our husbands does not come from the sex of the baby we are carrying, but the eating habits of our partners while we are indulging in our own cravings, or sending him out at 3am for Ben & Jerrys.

Cupcakes and Potato Chips?  What are your cravings? Sweet, sour, salty?  Old myths tell us in women that crave sweets like cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream, and all those yummy treats will for sure be having little girls. Sour, salty and really all other cravings then it is a boy for you. Problem with this one? Scientists do not believe in cravings. So if you are hungry for a specific food it is just your human nature!

Have a old wives tale you want to share?  Comment below!


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