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Girl Meets World surprises

Be sure to check out the clip posted above. It gives you a quick glimpse at the the future world to Boy Meets World. It has been about a year now since rumors began to fly that there was a sequel to Boy Meets World in the works. Eventually the rumors became factual when they announced the show would be a spin off called Girl Meets World. Rumors flew, casting decisions were made, and filming began. The rumors slowly died down and were close to non-existent until this past week. Disney channels summer series is breaking pop culture news again with their first teaser for the show.

The first short preview for the series doesn't give much detail about the show, but it gets audiences excited about the show again. It will most likely have no problem finding viewers for the spin off of one of the most popular prime time shows ever made. Families grew up together with Boy Meets World. Adults now as well as their grown up children remember watching Boy Meets World together. Children watching the show then are now grown adults with children and families of their own. It will be like a family tradition to now watch Girl Meets World together.

Family friendly is a must in the modern day with all the science fiction in the world. So many prime time shows are no longer appropriate for the younger family members. A lot more shows are aimed at teenagers and young adults rather then the entire family. Young parents will be thrilled to share Girl Meets World with their children.

The show surprised us with their first clip coming out this week. With little to no rumors the past several months, some started to believe the show wasn't going to happen after all. Many blog writers and pop culture reporters are trying to use that by advertising their blogs or posts saying, Girl Meets World officially back on, and Girl Meets World is really happening. There was never any doubt about if the show was going to happen. It was always about the when. Stay tuned here and to the Disney channel for more future updates of Girl Meets World, coming this summer to the Disney channel.

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