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Girl mauled by dogs: Girl, 10, mauled by two dogs

A girl, 10, was mauled by dogs. Breed of dogs is unknown because they were strays.
A girl, 10, was mauled by dogs. Breed of dogs is unknown because they were strays.
Commons Wikimedia

A girl mauled by dogs in Lac Brochet in First Nation, Manitoba has died. Winnipeg Free Press reported April 16 that Raquelle Tssessaze, 10, was followed by two dogs when she suffered the attack.

Tssessaze was rushed to a local medical facility where she was pronounced dead. The girl died from her injuries.

Police issued a statement that read an emergency call was placed and help was dispatched at about 6 p.m., Tuesday night. The situation surrounding her death was not immediately available, according to police. The girl mauled by dogs has brought considerable attention to the problem of stray dogs in the Lac Brochet area.

The girl's grandfather, Donald Tssessaze, told Sun News Network April 17 that she didn't have a chance against the vicious dogs.

"There were two other little kids with her. That's when the dogs came. It happened really fast," Tssessaze said. "They got her around the throat. I don't think the little girl even had a chance, with the dogs in a pack like that."

The local community wants a lot stricter rules placed on dogs being loose. The girl being mauled is the worst example as to why this should be put in place.

"Maybe they were waiting for this to happen. I don't know. I hope this doesn't ever happen to anyone in our community. I still have a lot of grandchildren," Donald Tssessaze said.

The dogs that mauled the little girl were destroyed. Someone in the community owned the dogs, but Raquelle was reportedly unfamiliar with them.

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