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Girl impaled with metal rod while sledding in bizarre Maryland accident

Girl is impaled on metal bar while sledding in Maryland.
Girl is impaled on metal bar while sledding in Maryland.
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A 10-year-old girl was impaled with a steel bar in a sledding accident in northern Maryland on Monday. A snow day off from school turned dangerous for a Jarrettsville youngster who was enjoying the morning snowfall sledding downhill with her friends, according to the New York Daily News on Feb. 3.

The little girl was sledding when she fell backwards and became impaled on a steel rod that went through the left side of her back. She had landed on the snow concealed steel bar after coming downhill. Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company Chief Rudy Walter said that the steel bar was about "an inch and a half or so in diameter." He said. "It was a pretty good size."

The girl's parents, who were with her in the area where she was sledding, called 911. When the emergency workers arrived they used a saw to extract the 10-year-old from the metal bar, which took them about 28 minutes to do. The girl was removed from the bar, but she still had six inches sticking out of her back.

Walter said the young girl was in a little bit of shock, but besides letting out a yell or a scream periodically, she remained calm and let the rescue staff do their job. She was transported to the hospital with the metal bar protruding from her back, for the doctors to remove.

She impressed the rescue team for being so brave through the ordeal. The girl, whose name was not released, is in stable condition today in John Hopkins Children's Hospital.