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Girl gang raped twice and burned alive in India: Disturbing case sparks outrage

A young girl with a bright future moved from her home in an impoverished area of India to Calcutta with her family, where she could attend school and earn an education. When the beautiful India girl answered a knock on her door, there were six young men, all thugs, who dragged her away and took turns raping her, reports The Vancouver Sun on Jan. 5.

16-year-old girl gang raped and set on fire alive has died and protests against rape continues in India.
YouTube screen shot

The 16-year-old girl endured torture and rape that lasted for hours. When she reported it to police, she was once again dragged from her home and raped repeatedly. This time they threatened to kill her father and drove her family from their home.

The girl was told they would kill her father and rape her again if she did not withdraw her complaint. When the girl refused to do so, she was doused with kerosene and set on fire. The girl died from these injuries eight days later. The doctor’s discovered she was pregnant from one of her assailants.

The girl’s mother recalled how her beautiful daughter’s face had been badly burned. She said it was swollen and blackened from the fire. She was in excruciating pain from the burns before she died.

The family has endured threats from the group the men are affiliated with. At one point 30 to 40 men came to the home threatening the girl to withdraw her rape complaint. It was when she was home alone one day that these thugs came in and burned her alive.

The family has been threatened even after the girl’s death. An Indian Police Service officer told the family that he “would not protect them in this place” after he witnessed the family being threatened by the thugs. He told them to move back to their village. The police tried to have the girl’s body cremated without the family’s permission.

After the gang-rape conviction of six men in New Delhi, woman’s rights campaigners are shocked to think the police would abandon this rape victim.

Two men were charged with setting the girl on fire and now they face charges of murder. One of the men is the son of the family’s landlady, who heard the screams the day the girl was set on fire, but didn’t go and check on her. She has told the family to move out.

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