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Girl gang of thugs beatdown of woman in Brooklyn cheered and videotaped

Police are not only looking for the gang of girls that brutally beat down a defenseless woman in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, they are also searching for the victim.

The Daily Mail reported June 28 that authorities have been attempting to identify the attackers since finding out about the video. Police do not know when the video was filmed.

In the video, a woman sitting alone on a park bench is suddenly attacked by a group of girls and knocked to the ground. She is then slapped, punched and kicked mercilessly. Several times the unknown woman is hit and kicked in the face.

Not one person is seen attempting to intervene on the victim's behalf except near the end of the assault. One man appears to try and remove one of the attackers. During the brutal confrontation, there seems to be several onlookers, including a few that cheer and shout encouragement to the attackers.

At one point, the victim, who apparently believes her ordeal at the hands and feet of her tormentors is over, manages to sit up, holding her head. It is at this moment that one of the attackers kicks her straight to the face. Only then is she left lying on the ground, the gang of girls finally leaving her on the ground.

The entire episode appears to have been captured on a cell phone.

Speaking on behalf of the community, which has voiced its outrage over the video since it was posted online, Tony Herbert of National Action Network held a press conference Friday. “We can’t afford for this to happen in our community," he said of the attack, according to "What we are asking for is the victim, we are asking her to come forward because we need to get these people off the street. And get them the counseling or whatever it is hey need. So they won’t do this to somebody else. They thought it was fun to kick them literally in their face and laugh about it.”

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