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Girl Empowerment Fashion Runway Closes out Women & Fashion FilmFest 2014

Designs from Caroline Kaufman, student of Pratt Institute
Designs from Caroline Kaufman, student of Pratt Institute
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To empower and build self-confidence in girls, TRUE Model Management, along with Runway The Real Way, LLC, sponsored the Women & Fashion FilmFest’s Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway (GEFR) show. “GEFR is much more than just a fashion show,” explains TRUE Model Management Founder and President, Dale Noelle. “The Girls Empowerment Fashion Runway strives to motivate, fortify, educate, inspire and empower young women to live their dreams and enjoy all aspects of their lives.”

The show took place June, 7, 2014 at the Yotel Hotel in midtown Manhattan and featured designs by students from Pratt Institute, Fashion Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin-Stout and United Colors Of Fashion (UCOF), a nonprofit that provides free fashion education to under-resourced youth. Students from LIM College styled the looks for the fashion show alongside freelance hair and make-up artists from Carsten Institute, led by celebrity makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis.

"The empowerment fashion shows allow us to educate, empower, uplift, offer hope and better opportunities to our under-resourced youth. Our youth are the future leaders of our communities. As we empower them through fashion, we are investing in the upcoming ground-breakers in our country,” said Ciano Clerjuste, President and founder of United Colors Of Fashion.

Backstage, pre-show GEFR held educational, health and nutritional workshops by: The Luminous Foundation; Karen Lee Group; Model Moves/iModel School; Divine LifeStyles; Gerardo Porteny Backal, founder of Young Men 4 Gender Equality (YM4GE); Jessica Brondo of Admittedly; and fashion legend, Pat Cleveland, who joined to give the girls a lesson on walking confidently.

The fashion show, curated by Catherine Schuller of Runway The Real Way, was a huge success with music by DJ Marcus and stellar performances by the Multipot Dance Company. Also performing was the rocking singer, Khadia, who made her solo musical debut in anticipation of the August release of her singles “If” and “Too Perfect” and her September album debut.

It was the perfect ending for the Women & Fashion FilmFest (WFF), giving young female fashion designers a fun and supportive platform to showcase their work. Examiner looks forward to covering this event again in 2015. In the words of WFF founder, Jeanine Jeo-Hi Kim, "The GEFR will continue to grow and have a real positive impact on young women and girls, particularly those who need the greatest boost and reminders, that yes, they can do it!

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