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Girl dragged by school bus: Doors closed on backpack as mom chases bus screaming

8-year-old girl dragged by a school bus after her backpack gets stuck in the closing doors.
8-year-old girl dragged by a school bus after her backpack gets stuck in the closing doors.
Wikimedia Commons

A little girl was dragged by a school bus after her backpack got caught in the bus doors when they were closing. The child was dragged for about 200 feet on Friday in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. The driver did not know that the girl’s backpack was stuck and he didn’t know that the bus was dragging her as he went to his next stop, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Sunday Jan. 19.

A neighbor described the scene saying that she saw the mother waiting at the bus stop for her daughter. The mother saw her daughter get stuck in the doors and then the bus took off dragging the little girl. The horrified mom chased the bus screaming for the driver to stop, reports CBS Local News. The bus went about 200 feet until the driver realized that the child was stuck.

The eight-year-old was getting off the bus at Blue Jay Avenue and Raymond Street when she never cleared the doors. The child was treated at the scene by paramedics for minor scrapes. She narrowly escaped serious injury.

Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Kresten said that they are deciding if charges should be filed against the driver. Bus drivers are supposed to wait until the kids have completely cleared the area of the bus before pulling away. Apparently the bus driver didn’t keep an eye on this little girl, who was the last one off the bus at that stop.

The Ellwood City Bus Company has suspended the driver until the investigation is completed. The authorities want to know how a child could be dragged by a bus for a block when the driver should have watched to make sure the little girl cleared the bus before pulling away.