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Girl Code's Dating Advice

Girl Code is a TV Show on MTV. It is about girls give life advice out. They speak about dating, friends and much more. Here is some dating advice from the cast.

It is never okay to date a friend's ex. That is just going against girl code in general. It is never okay even if you ask her. She might say yes to play it cool and inside get really upset. Then it can go the other way in which you lose your friendship forever over some guy.

On a first date where what you most feel comfortable in. A first date is all about first impressions and guys can tell when you are not comfortable. Don't wear high heels if you are unbalanced. Just make sure you look nice and feel comfortable in it. A first date is what can lead to a second date and eventually a relationship.

You can order whatever you want as long as your stomach and breath are okay with it. Most girls just get a salad. If you want fish or steak it is okay.

When you want to break up the best thing to do is talk about it. It might hurt the other person but it is better they know now than later.

Dating can be fun because you are getting to know someone new for the first time. It could even be really good when you end up dating your best friend. So just relax and have fun because you never know where this first date will lead. Most importantly always be yourself. Don't lie to impress a guy because sooner or later the truth will come out and then he will see that he can't trust you. so relax and have fun.

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