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Girl bakes bullies cupcakes

A California teen baked her bullies cupcakes
A California teen baked her bullies cupcakes

What would you do if your high school classmates were bullying you? Would you consider baking them cupcakes? That is exactly what one sophomore did recently and now the police are investigating!

A female tenth grader at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, California, was being picked on by her classmates. She did not use the bullying as an excuse for some sort of school violence, like so many before her across the nation. She instead baked cupcakes and passed them out to her bullies.

The catch? According to KRON4, she filled the cupcakes with semen and other bodily fluids and unusual food items. Another local television station, 23ABC, reported that the Bakersfield Police Department announced there were no bodily fluids actually used in the cupcakes and they are calling this retaliation a prank.

Would you know if your child was the victim of a bully? Being bullied is not just being pushed around school or the playground anymore. It can be of a more sexual nature. Bullying can be emotional or verbal and today includes cyber-bullying. This later form includes not just hate messages and the obvious threats but also online harassment and even impersonation.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a national study of high school students concerning bullying and school violence. The survey revealed a shocking 20% of our nation’s students reported to have been bullied on school property during the preceding year.

The signs of being bullied are similar to that of any abusive relationship. The warning signs include:

  • Torn clothing or ripped belongings
  • Afraid to go to school or going outside
  • Finds excuses to stay home
  • Changes routes to and from school
  • Lost interest in school or other activities
  • Trouble sleeping, including bad dreams
  • Looses appetite
  • Experiences a personality change

If you are concerned your child is the victim of a bully, please see your school counselor or, especially if you feel the threat is imminent, contact your local police.

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