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Girl, 9, held down in bathtub for punishment: Parents and grandmother charged

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A 9-year-old girl was told to get in a bathtub and her mother, father, grandmother and grandmother’s roommate held her down as punishment for acting up in school, according to the Houston Chronicle on Jan. 20.

These relatives of the Bryan, Texas girl punished her in the bathtub, which the girl described to authorities as something “like a baptism.” The girl told the investigators that this happened in early December and it started off by her grandmother telling her to get into the tub at the grandmother's home in Bryan.

These four relatives were arrested on Friday and they were charged with abandoning or endangering a child. These four adults can face up to two years in jail, as this is a felony offense in Texas.

The bathtub was half-filled with water and she was first ordered to get in by her grandmother. She told authorities she was asked questions by these adults and then dunked in the water and held under the water by her grandmother, father and grandmother’s roommate.

Apparently the authorities investigating the 9-year-old girl’s claims found some type of credible evidence to support what she had reported, as all four were charged. The details of this incident are not known, they have not been released by the police.



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