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Girl, 3, dies in gunbattle: Fatal bullet fired by police or dead girl's father

Girl, 3, killed in gunbattle between her father and 6 police officers.
Girl, 3, killed in gunbattle between her father and 6 police officers.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

A little three-year-old Maryland girl was shot and killed along with her father, who embarked in a gun battle with police from his car while his daughter was in the vehicle. It might not be clear for a couple of months whose bullet ended the girl’s life as her father and six officers exchanged bullets when she was hit, according to the Washington Post on Aug. 17. Ballistics testing may not come back for two months and that is the test that will identify whose gun fired the fatal bullet that hit the little girl.

What is clear today is that there are six officers from Prince George County Police in Maryland “all hurting right now,” wondering if it was their bullet that ended the innocent child’s life. Dean Jones, who is the president of the Fraternal Order of Prince George’s County Police said that the officers “were trying to do the right thing, and it didn’t go well at all.”

According to CNN News the police started their pursuit of the father’s car when he drove away from a Temple Hills shooting in a Nissan Maxima. It was when one of the wheels fell off the car that the child’s father stopped and started exchanging gunfire with the police.

He continued driving the car, which was now in no condition to go fast. He stopped for a second time and continued in his gun battle with police. This second round of gunfire took the father’s life. When police approached the car, the wounded child was discovered and rushed to an area hospital, where she later died.

The gun fight started after the father shot the little girl's maternal grandfather and great-grandmother in a home in Fort Washington. It is believed the shooting stemmed from a custody battle between the child’s father and mother, but the mother was not there when the shooting took place, reports WPTV NBC News Channel 5 local.

The father fled after shooting the great-grandmother and grandfather, who are both hospitalized in serious condition Saturday night. Both the father and the daughter, whose names were not released, were killed in the in the police shoot-out.

William Alexander, who is the spokesperson for Prince George’s County Police, said that it is not clear if the officers in the gun battle knew that the little girl was in the car or not when firing at the vehicle. Jones said that no matter whose bullet ended the life of the child, it is ultimately the father who is to blame as he drove through the county firing his gun at police.

Jones asks, “Why would you get into a shooting with a child in the car?” He continued by saying, “This is all around a very tragic situation.”

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