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Girl, 3, dies in gunbattle between police and fugitive in Maryland

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A girl, three, died in a gunbattle between police officers and a man in Prince George's County, Maryland on Saturday, and authorities don't know if the bullet that killed her was fired from one of the officer's guns, reported ABC. Investigators believe five Prince George Police Department (PGPD) officers and one Maryland state trooper fired their weapons during the deadly gunbattle that left the three-year-old girl dead.

According to a CNN report, the tragic incident began with a shooting in Temple Hills. Police followed a driver in a Nissan Maxima as he sped away from the scene of the shooting early yesterday afternoon. After one of the tires broke free from the suspect's vehicle, the man stopped driving and exchanged gunfire with officers.

Amazingly, the man took off in the disabled car with police in pursuit. He stopped the vehicle a second time. Once again, he and the officers exchanged gunfire. This time, the man was shot and killed.

When police approached the vehicle, they discovered a three-year-old girl inside. She had been wounded by a bullet, and her injury proved to be fatal. She died later that day. Police believe that the deceased fugitive was the little girl's father.

The police had initially started following the man in his Nissan Maxima after he allegedly shot both the maternal grandmother and the maternal grandfather of the three-year-old girl who died in the gunbattle. Officers were responding to a 911 call about possible shots fired when one of the officers spotted the suspect and gave chase. The girl's grandparents were transported to local hospitals where they are listed in critical condition.

The identities of the deceased fugitive, his three-year-old daughter and her injured grandparents have not been revealed.

What do you think? How could the death of the innocent three-year-old girl who died in a gunbattle between the police and a fugitive have been prevented?