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Girl, 11, stuck in washing machine for 90 minutes: Hide-and-seek ends in panic

Girl stuck in washing machine needed a 911 rescue after family couldn't get her out.
Girl stuck in washing machine needed a 911 rescue after family couldn't get her out.
YouTube screen shot/ NBC News

A Utah girl was stuck in a washing machine after she jumped into the top-loader during a game of hide-and-seek. When no one found her during the game, she decide to get out, but she was stuck and screams for help followed, according to the Salt Lake Tribune on Jan. 3.

For more than almost 90 minutes the 11-year-old girl remained stuck inside the washing machine, as her siblings and her parents tried to get her out. They tried to make the area slippery with peanut butter and oil, but they still couldn’t pull her out of the machine, reports "Fox and Friends" live on Friday morning.

Her legs had fallen asleep in the curled-up position she was in, so she couldn’t use her feet to push herself up and out of the opening. 911 was called to come and extract the girl from the washing machine. The girl became panicked as she was in pain from the washing machine agitator that she was squeezed up against.

The girl’s mom talked with “Fox and Friends” on Friday morning and said that because she was squeezed up against the machine’s agitator there was pressure on her diaphragm, so it was hard for her to breath. The mom said that her daughter was really scared.

When the fire department arrived, they too couldn’t free her. The next step was to use the jaws-of –life, like they use in car crashes to rip away the metal and get their victims out of the car. The girl was in a washing machine that had a stackable dryer on top. The opening between the two was only big enough for the washing machine lid to swing up and open.

The rescuers removed the stackable dryer and were ready to use the tool that they use in crashes when they discovered they could pull her straight up and out of the machine, out of the same opening she climbed into.

Once out of the washing machine, her legs regained their feeling from being asleep and she calmed down. She did not require any further medical attention.

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