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Girl, 11, shoots cougar: Big cat resorted to stalking her brother for food

Girl, 11, shoots cougar that was starving and wanted to attack her older brother.
Girl, 11, shoots cougar that was starving and wanted to attack her older brother.
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A girl, 11, shoots a cougar... which had to resort to attempt taking down her older brother as its next meal.

The cougar was stalking Shelby White's 14-year-old brother, Tanner, and she acted quickly when the big cat was about to pounce him. She reached for a rifle close by and shot the four-year-old female cougar dead.

This incident occurred Feb. 20 in Twisp, Washington, Christian Post reports Feb. 28.

The cougar was reportedly just feet way from the door of their house. Shelby and Tanner's father quickly shut the door when they spotted the cougar's presence.

Turns out, the cougar was suffering from starvation. The Whites had chased the animal away earlier that day after it was trying to hunt some of their livestock. Authorities said the cougar was emaciated and was desperate to find its next meal. So much so, that it had no choice but to consider eating a human. The cougar was only 50 pounds, which was half the size a cat like that should weigh at the age of four.

Cougars have a difficult time finding food when deer are hard to hunt down. They are in their natural territory and humans are staking more claim in their habitat.

It was a good thing that this girl, 11, shoots at a cougar -- or any other animal of threat -- successfully. Sadly, she did the suffering animal a favor in this instance.

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