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Girl, 11, shoots cougar: 11 y/o girl saves brothers life by killing cougar

A cougar
Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

A girl, 11, shoots a cougar after it stalked her brother according to reports. On Feb. 27, the New York Daily News reported that Shelby White shot and killed a cougar that was "stalking" her older brother near her family's home in Washington state. White very well may have saved her brother's life.

"She acted instinctively after spotting the skinny predator following Tanner, 14, as he walked back to their rural home in Twisp last Thursday. The fearless hunter snatched her rifle, took aim at the deadly beast which was just 10 feet away, and gunned it down — saving her sibling's life," reports the New York Daily News.

The 11-year-old girl shot the cougar who was said to be "starving to death." The 4-year-old animal may have been looking for food as it lurked around the family's home and caused quite a stir. The White's kept a close eye on the animal and Shelby knew what she had to do to ensure that her brother -- and the rest of her family -- was safe. She grabbed a shotgun -- and she had decent aim.

Shelby White did have a permit to kill cougars according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. This particular cougar was the third to be killed on the White's property over the past two weeks. Officials believe that the cougars are hungry and are venturing closer to humans because they are seeking food.

When a girl, 11, shoots a cougar and saves her brother's life? Well that has "viral" written all over it.

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