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Giraffe Marius dies an ignoble death by those who should protect him

The giraffe is a noble animal and should be allowed an appropriate death.
Hans Hillerwaet

There have been death threats to Copenhagen Zoo’s Bengt Holst. He is the Denmark zoo’s scientific director. The threats were received after the public slaughter and dissection of a healthy 2 year old giraffe named Marius in front of a large crowd including children.

While death threats are the kind of insensitivity and cruelty which rained down upon this man and this zoo, it is to be condemned just as his heartless and horrid public act. Calling for Holst' dismissal is of more importance so things like this never happen again. God gave man the stewardship of animals and we are expected to protect them. This horrendous act goes against all common decency.

Anytime, the success of breeding, results in the killing of perfectly healthy animals, it should be found fault with and thwarted. Though there were so many other options, this disgraceful act went ahead regardless of the worldwide outcry and the many offers to save this animal and solve the problem in a more humane way.

It might be asked, what was this problem that only a drastic torturous end could be found for this innocent animal? The giraffe, now 2 months old evidentially had a chance of polluting the gene pool of the other giraffes. The zoo scientific director felt there was a chance of inbreeding with this animal and they wanted a more diverse gene pool.

At least two large zoos offered to take this healthy 2 year old and solve the problem for the zoo. Many rehoming offers were given to the Copenhagen Zoo. There were petitions with a total of about 32,000 signatures and cries of horror at the proposed end and still the zoo turned a blind eye and let tragedy continue when it could have been averted.

There were proposals of transporting this animal elsewhere or ending his possible fathering with medical procedures. Whenever a petition of this number and scope is collected, the problem is of interest to many people and should be acknowledged.

Although Marius was euthanized using a bolt gun. He was then skinned and autopsied in front of a crowd using the interest of education of the people as the ruse. To make matters worse this beautiful animal was a subject for a three hour show of how to butcher a giraffe.

After this show, which was nothing more than a high profile dissection, they actually fed the meat to lions. This was done in front of an audience of both adults and children and really served no useful purpose except to throw in the world’s face that this was their decision, albeit a horrid one.

Where the love and caring a zoo and its staff is should show toward the animals in their keeping? Where is the compassion that would have made this problem go away? Why could this animal not have a death of old age in a segregated setting where his gene pool would not have nattered? Why did such a noble looking animal need to be sacrificed in such a way as to make his existence unimportant?

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