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Giraffe lions: Copenhagen Zoo kills giraffe, feeds it to lions

A giraffe was killed and fed to lions at a the Copenhagen Zoo causing uproar around the globe. On Feb. 9, CNN reported that the giraffe that was killed was "healthy" and "young." The zoo says that they had a duty to keep the giraffe from "inbreeding" but what they did with it after it was euthanized is what really has people talking.

"After an autopsy, 'Marius' was dismembered in front of a zoo audience that included children, and fed to the zoo's lions," reports CNN. Naturally animal rights activists aren't the least bit happy to learn this news and many feel that there were other options available to the zoo aside from killing the giraffe.

The giraffe and the lions at the zoo wouldn't have met under different circumstances and one has to wonder if feeding the giraffe to the lions was a good idea (since zoo animals feed differently than animals in the wild). Even still the zoo defends its decision and sees nothing wrong with what they did.

"Our giraffes are part of an international breeding program, which has a purpose of ensuring a sound and healthy population of giraffes. It can only be done by matching the genetic composition of the various animals with the available space. ... When giraffes breed as well as they do now, then you will inevitably run into so-called surplus problems now and then," Bengt Holst, scientific director at Copenhagen Zoo, told CNN.

The lions ate the giraffe and while you might think it was horrific, the zoo says that people were really interested and even kids were asking "good" questions about the ordeal. Check out the video above for more.

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