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Giraffe kisses zookeeper: Giraffe returns favor to human, kisses dying zookeeper

An affectionate giraffe kisses a zookeeper dying from cancer in a heartfelt gesture of saying "thank you" and "good bye." Mario Eijs worked at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands for 25 years before developing brain cancer. His last wish was to visit the facility so he could say his final goodbyes to former co-workers and animals there.

MSN reported March 22 about the heartwarming story surrounding this former animal caretaker. Stichting Ambulance Wens offers free transportation to terminally ill patients and made sure Mario was able to fulfill his last request. He struggled walking or speaking and desired to see everyone again.

According to the report, many giraffes approached Mario with curiosity when he was taken inside their enclosure on March 19. Olaf Exoo, a foundation worker at the zoo, wrote in a summary that a giraffe there kissed the zookeeper.

"Mario got a lick on his nose after a lot of snuffles," Exoo wrote.

Exoo added that it was "a last greeting to each other that gave everybody watching goose bumps."

A variety of animals are a peaceful kind of species. Giraffes definitely fit into this category. What a moving scene it must be when a giraffe kisses a zookeeper, caretaker, or any human they've known for years. Mario Eijs got more than his wish when this beautiful creature showed his sincerest gesture of love and appreciation to him.

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