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Giraffe kisses dying zookeeper: Video of giraffe's kiss good-bye to his friend

A dying zoo worker is kissed by a giraffe in a scene that gave onlookers goose bumps. The dying man’s last wish was to visit the zoo animals he had worked around for the last 25 years, according to The Inquisitr on March 22.

Giraffe kisses dying man, a zookeeper gets his final good bye.

Mario Eijs, who is stricken with a fatal brain tumor, wanted to go back to the place where he worked doing odd jobs for the last quarter of a century. He wanted to see the animals at the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, Netherlands, that he had grown fond of over the years.

Terminally ill patients are given free transports by the Stichting Ambulance Wens for just this reason, so they can go visit a place they loved one last time. Eijs has difficulty walking and speaking so coming to the zoo in his hospital bed was the most comfortable way to transport him.

When Eijs was brought inside the giraffe enclosure, many of these long-neck creatures gathered around him out of curiosity. It was when one of the giraffes gently put his head near Eijs’ head and started licking his face that gave folks a pull on the old heart strings.

It was apparent to everyone watching that the giraffe and Eijs were saying their final good-byes. Never mind the goose bumps, chances are not a dry eye was left in the house.

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