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Giraffage makes sample-based pop and is living his dreams

Giraffage Interview
Giraffage Interview
giraffage / ihate_chris

When you think of pop music, you think of bubble gum and lollipop sounds. Giraffage is anything but this. An electronic music composer Giraffage uses sample-based pop to influence a lot of his production. The way his music came into my life was via his reworked mixes of The-Dream self titled debut album. I being a big fan of The-Dream discovered a new found respect for that album and viewed it in a completely different light thanks to the young composer known as Giraffage. Our chat was a unique one and am proud to present an exclusive interview with Giraffage.

When was the young creative known as Giraffage born?

November 25th, 1989

Who or what do you think you were in another life?

Probably an old MS-DOS computer with DOOM installed on it

What are three things in your opinion that are overrated about the world?

College, Watermelon, and Alcohol

If your music was a celebrity who would it be?

Macaulay Culkin, the 2014 grown up version

Do you have an ultimate goal to accomplish in your lifetime?

I want to play a show on the moon. It’s the 21st century and I’m hopeful.

What inspired you to rework the classic debut album of The-Dream?

It’s a fantastic album as it is, and The-Dream has one of my favorite voices in music. It also is severely underrated and so I decided to do a tribute to it on a whim one day.

I read this passage while bumping your most recent original project NEEDS. “I went through the worst time of my life and also the best time of my life while writing the songs for this album.” Can you explain the highest point and lowest point of your life while writing and recording these songs?

I’m not going to go to deep into since I feel its always up to the listener to create their own sort of story in their head, but essentially I started it while I was in college and finished it after I had graduated. A lot had happened inbetween, my life ended up doing a complete 360 and I couldn’t be happier now.

All projects you have out currently, like ‘Comfort’ and the ‘Pretty Things EP’ are true works of art. What does the cover art represent for each?

I feel like any piece of music will conjure up a specific image in the listener’s head, and I just tried to capture what that image looked like to me, given the vibes of each respective album.

Is there an artist, band, dj, etc out right now that is literally melting your brain?

Lindsay Lowend is amazing to me and I’m going to be touring Europe with him in April.

You are touring worldwide sharing your sample-based pop with fans and future fans. What is your favorite part about tour life? Where is the most interesting place you have been outside your hometown of San Francisco?

My favorite part is meeting fans and building friendships on the other side of the world. It’s still crazy to me that people I don’t even know listen to my music.

What is next for Giraffage in 2014?

New music, shows, and sushi

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