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Gionta named captain of Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have named forward Brian Gionta the team's 28th captain in it's 101-year history, while marking just the second time an American-born player has held the position.

Though Gionta is set to be a main piece of the Rouge, Bleu et Blanc for the foreseeable future, it has to be asked if he is the right pick for the job.

While defenceman Andrei Markov would have been my pick, I realize he is heading into his unrestricted free agent year and there's no guarantee he'll be back with Montreal after this season so his name was scratched off the list.

Tomas Plekanec has been an integral part of the Habs for the past few seasons but we haven't seen him show any real leadership skills on or off the ice so his name can be stroked through as well.

Scott Gomez needs no explanation on why he's not wearing the 'C' so let's move on. Quickly.\

Hall Gill wears the 'A', as does Markov, but he is also heading into a UFA year so he's out too.

That leaves us with Mike Cammalleri as the last name one may consider to wear the 'C' for the storied franchise. After Markov, Cammalleri would be the next pick to be my captain. He's good with the media, he plays with heart, he seems like someone you can easily rally around and he doesn't disappear in the important games. Though, with all the going for him, he's never worn an 'A' let along a 'C' before so maybe there's a reason he wasn't selected. (How's his French coming along these days? Probably poor.)

We return to the question: was Gionta the right pick? Well, after going through all of the other options, maybe he's not such a bad pick after all. To top it off, he's working on getting his French up to par.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    funny how it works out that way sometimes. you think it's the worst decision until you go down the list and realize it's the only choice...

  • Habs 4 Life 4 years ago

    My Pick was Josh Gorges yes hes in his final yr, but this was the guy that media always went too last yr and still....he is a born leader, since his days with kelowna rockets in whl when he captain there team...also from what i heard this guy kept everybody accountable in the dressing rm and stood up his play.....i like ginota he shows lots of heart and drive for a small guy, so i am not to upset with the pick ....go habs goooooooooooooooooo

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