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Gingrich visit today set to heat both sides of debates - real winner is democracy

Newt Gingrich American Solutions
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is set to share his jobs plan in St. Petersburg tonight. (AP Photo / John Amis)

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is scheduled to speak tonight in St. Petersburg at the Vinoy Resort on behalf of his American Solutions organization at 6 pm to promote his "real jobs summit", counter to President Obama's plans.

Even while Gingrich was in Congress his fire and brimstone leadership polarized political sides, but his so-called "Contract with America" turned a huge tide of votes in favor of Republican candidates in the 1990's.

The real winner in these home-field debates is the democratic process and our freedom of speech, because like the political town hall meetings in recent months, Americans are polarized on either side of most issues and the opinions appear to just get stronger rather than change.

Even though the event topic is jobs, Creative Loafing magazine reports and even promotes counter-protests to combat Gingrich’s support of offshore drilling. The society magazine details the entire process, including interview word tracks, how to sabotage the meeting with questions and their plan for a drilling protest, dubbed "Hands Across the Sand". Their emphasis is on peaceful protest.

So head on out and make your case for or against Gingrich's plan for jobs, and for or against drilling off the Florida coast. Just remember that freedom of speech and those who protect it as you voice your opinion.

Video of Gingrich's plans


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