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Ginger, young boxer mix, is losing her mind after living 2 years in a kennel

Ginger is slowing losing her mind in NY kennel

Ginger is a young boxer mix who is desperate for her own home, Facebook reported.

At two-and-a-half years old, Ginger has lived most of her life being boarded in Nassau County Long Island. She was rescued from a local shelter, and went from one caged life to another.

Ginger has never experienced life as a normal dog. She spends most of her time in a lonely kennel, with no family to love her. She's been in boarding for two years now because it's been determined Ginger needs to be an only pet.

Ginger loves attention, and would love a family of her own even more. There's a bit of a debate on her needing to be an only pet. Since Ginger has spent so much time alone, this may now be true. No one has really given her the chance to be around other animals.

Ginger is suffering emotionally, pacing her cage and licking the walls. All the while waiting for someone to rescue her from this hell. Please share Ginger's story, especially with those in the Long Island area. To adopt or rescue Ginger, the shelter can be contacted at 516-616-3076.

You can keep up with Ginger on this Facebook thread.

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