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Ginger Nuts of Horror: The Heart and Soul of Horror Websites

The Heart and Soul of Horror Websites
The Heart and Soul of Horror Websites
Jim Mcleod

Jim Mcleod has red hair.

Well, at least he used to have red hair. Though the locks on his head may be long gone, he still sports a glorious red beard that is proof that he is a ginger.

And in honor of the color of his hair, Mcleod christened his popular website The Ginger Nuts of Horror.

Get it?

The title is a bit rude, but the content is amazing. Quoted from his About Page,”Through the many pages that this site has to offer, you will be given the chance to view the absolutely best in horror fiction news, horror fiction reviews, and exclusive interviews with both up and coming stars as well as established horror actors.

In fact, Google has recently ranked Ginger Nuts of Horror as the number one website for horror news and horror author interviews, as well as ranking us in the top ten horror fiction review websites. Currently, the site averages about 90,000 views every month with over 18,000 unique visitors! Now, it’s time to get into the meat of our website: exactly what makes Ginger Nuts of Horror your number one horror website.

Unlike many other horror websites that post about the same old thing all of the time, Ginger Nuts of Horror prides itself on having a unique mix of interviews from the in-depth to the rapid fire, reviews of horror fiction novels, horror fiction news, and even guest posts from a variety of different fantastic horror authors. I work very hard to place the intense passion that I feel for the horror fiction genre into each and every article on the site.”

One of the reasons that makes Ginger Nuts a favorite in the horror community is Mcleod’s accessibility. He encourages people to contact him, and one of the most popular features of the site is his large catalog of author interviews.

In addition to spotlighting small press and self-published horror authors, book reviews, and Horror Hot News, the site features unique opportunities for fans of horror to discuss “The Book That Made Me” and “The Film That Made Me.” Frequent guest contributors spotlight various independent publishers and highlight new releases.

For more information on how to be interviewed, be a guest contributor, or get your novel reviewed, follow this link.

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