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Ginger Alden: New memoir by Elvis' fiancée shares revelations about his life

New details about Elvis' final days released in new memoir.
Wikimedia Commons

Ginger Alden's new memoir is now on store shelves. The woman shared new details about the last months of Elvis Presley's life and their romance in the new book "Elvis & Ginger." The woman shared details of Elvis's final day of life in her new book as well. The Spread It shared more on the release of this book on Sept. 3.

Elvis Presley died 37 years ago last month, and Ginger Alden may be the last person to see the singer alive. In her new book, she revealed that Elvis left their bed that morning to use the restroom. When he had not returned to bed several hours later, she got up to check on the singer. She found him on the floor of the bathroom unconscious. She tried to rouse him, and she called for help. However, he never woke up. He died of a drug overdose. She confirmed reports from others that the singer suffered from insomnia, and he was taking several medications at the time of his death.

Alden also shared about Elvis' proposal. He asked Ginger to marry him in January 1977. She was only 20 years old when Elvis sat down with her in his bedroom suite at Graceland. She received a white gold three stone engagement ring during the proposal. She still has that ring today, and it is the only item she has left from her days with the singer. She found out after his passing that she was not in his will.

The woman did share more about his last days, and she defended his appearance. At the time of his death at age 42, many felt that Elvis was not the same man he was in his younger days. He was bloated, and the woman said the following about his appearance during an interview on "The Today Show" on Wednesday morning:

"He would over salt his food, and at times he would appear more puffy — or bloated, if you want to call it that — on camera. But he was never fat. I thought he was a handsome man; he just wasn't 20 anymore."

Alden's book is given fans of the singer a bit more insight into Elvis' final year of life. Priscilla Presley released her own memoir detailing her relationship with Elvis 20 years ago, and a new book released by Shirley Dieu titled "Memphis Mafia ­Princess: Living In The Elvis World" shared more insight into his life as well. Her book revealed that Elvis tried to win Priscilla back during his final weeks of life. He went to his former wife because he wanted his family back, and he told Priscilla he did not intend to marry Ginger Alden. Dieu said the following about Alden, according to Express:

"I don’t believe Elvis would ever have married Ginger. Nobody liked Ginger. She did not fit in with the group. She was 20 years old and he was 42. When you think of all the women Elvis dated – and we liked them all – why would he pick this one girl? I think her mother was pushing her on him. I believe there were three women in Elvis’s life who really cared about him – Linda Thompson, the longtime girlfriend he split from before turning to Ginger, his former screen co-star and lover Ann-Margret and Priscilla. Those women would have been there for him no matter what, especially Priscilla."

It has been nearly 40 years since Elvis' death, but he is still remembered by his fans. His main worry in life was being forgotten, and that has never happened. Many still visit his home at Graceland. Just last month an auction showed that the singer is still popular. On Sept. 1, CNN reported that Graceland will soon receive a makeover. The last two private planes from Elvis' collection have also been put up for sale. The Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II have not been flown since their purchase in 1984. Both planes have been a part of the tour at Graceland, but the contract for their user is now expired. That is why K.G. Coker is now selling the planes.

It is clear that Elvis Presley has remained popular years after his death. His music touched many, and it inspired many to create their own music. No matter what happened behind closed doors, he had a talent that has not been matched by many since his death.

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