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Gina Miller: RRW follows 'the will of Satan'

Gina Miller

In an April 9, 2014 column for BarbWire, Gina Miller lashes out at one of her greatest detractors: The media watchdog website

Miller has frequently been mentioned, not just by RWW, but by the National Political Rebuttal column, for screaming her head off about Satanism all the time. This has included insisting that gay rights advocates are the godless human minions of Satan, that gay marriage is part of a Satanic plot to murder Christians, and that all liberal Christians and non-Christians are Satanic.

And yes, you guessed it, Gina Miller now insists that the people of RightWingWatch are the minions of Satan:

It is groups like People for the American Way, Right Wing Watch and the Tides Foundation that further the cause of evil in our world by pushing policies that steal the rights of the individual and create an ever-expanding, increasingly powerful federal government and bureaucracy that saps the wealth of the people. They champion the radical homosexual movement and abortion-on-demand. They are against private gun ownership and the death penalty. Basically, they despise the American Way, and they use deception in pushing their causes, because they can't tell the truth about the tyranny that lies at the heart of their agenda.

I can already see the snarky report on this column at Right Wing Watch: "Gina Miller believes Right Wing Watch is a tool of the devil!" And for the record, yes, I most certainly do.

The only thing Miller got right was RWW's response. Apparently, they think it's cute.

One day, Gina Miller is going to have to accept this fact: It isn't a Satanism to have any opinion contrary to her own. It also is not Satanism to write about what actually is as opposed to what she desperately wishes it could be.

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