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Gina Miller: Pro-gay groups are the real homophobes

Gina Miller

In an April 1, 2014 column, Gina Miller insists that, even though she once insisted that gay rights advocates are godless minions of Satan who are plotting to murder Christians with their marriages, she doesn't have a homophobic bone in her body.

I do not fear homosexuals, irrationally or otherwise. Anyone who speaks unequivocally of the immoral, unnatural and very unhealthy reality of homosexual behavior is invariably maligned as being "homophobic." Superficially it doesn’t even make sense, but when you look a little deeper, it should occur to any thinking man that those of us who speak boldly against this diabolical movement are in reality the opposite of "homophobic." If I am unafraid to call a spade a spade, then how can I be accused of being afraid of the spade? It’s nonsense, but homosexual activists don’t let sense impede their wrong-headed assertions and twisted agenda.

As you've no doubt guessed, Miller proceeds to insist that it's actually gay rights supporters who are the real homophobes.

If "homophobia" were a real thing, it would describe the behavior of politicians and managers and leaders of companies, schools, churches and institutions who abandon their moral convictions and compromise their principles in obeisance to what they inherently know is wrong. Why do they do this? Their "homophobia" (which, in truth, is just cowardice) directs them, because it is out of fear of media attacks, lawsuits, loss of employment, even fear of the disapproval of others, that they step aboard the hijacked-rainbow express. But using the term "homophobia" to describe what is simply cowardice isn't right, because the fact is that "homophobia" is a phony construct of the radical Left. It is a word weapon with a false meaning.

On three accounts, Gina Miller is full of crap.

First, she attempts to deny that there even is such a thing as homophobia, even though she and a countless number of her cohorts in the American Taliban have expressed fears and peddled conspiracy theories about the LGBT community secretly plotting to murder Christians and trying to turn the entire planet gay.

Miller herself has called the LGBT community and its supporters Satanic. How is that not an expression of hate and fear?

Second, she attempts to confuse the definition of homophobia by dumbing it down solely to its literal Latin definition. But the fact that Gina Miller doesn't fear gay people does not make her any less of a psychotic bigot.

Finally, she attempts to completely disregard any possible motivation one might have for supporting LGBT rights besides fear.

It will be difficult for Gina Miller to hear this, much less accept it, but it is the truth: The vast majority of LGBT supporters are not motivated by fear or lust. They are motivated by moral conviction.

Yes, it's true: You can be a good person without constantly needing to double-check with a book. Given her constant raving about Satanism, that clearly will be something else she will have trouble dealing with.

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