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Gina Loudon diagnoses President Obama as a psychopath

Gina Loudon
Gina Loudon
Fox Business

In an April 7, 2014 column for WorldNetDaily, Gina Loudon, despite conceding that she is "certainly not qualified" to make any kind of diagnosis, diagnoses President Obama with psychopathy.

Yes, THAT Gina Loudon. The one who named world peace as one of the many threats to America, and who said that a 100% phony scandal "may be the most historic outrage in the history of this country, if not the world".

Even more laughable is Loudon's "evidence" that the President may be psychopathic: He takes vacations.

Psychopaths often act audaciously, without regard for those affected. They get away with actions that others in their positions haven’t, because of their ability to remain calm even when committing atrocities, and their ability to manipulate whole groups of people.

Obama has taken more luxury vacations than any other president, and he has done so as the American economy was in collapse for his policies. He has taken his entire family and spent tens of millions of dollars in exotic, luxe locations like Hawaii, Vail, Europe and Africa.

Were that truly valid evidence of psychopathy, Loudon should have also diagnosed George W. Bush, who had taken more than three times as many vacation days as Barack Obama by this point, as absolutely guano loco.

There's that pesky reality again.

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