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Gina Grant: Dorothy Mayfield, Harvard- candlestick murder

Where is Gina Grant today?
Where is Gina Grant today?

Gina Grant is known as the All-American Lexington teenager who was accepted to Harvard University but was later refused admission because she failed to disclose that she beat her mother, Dorothy Mayfield, to death with a candlestick holder in South Carolina years earlier. Gina Grant's case became a media sensation in 1995, when Harvard University refused to allow her to attend because of her criminal past. The case has been featured on "Deadly Women" and has been the subject of several books based on teen killers.

15-year-old Gina Grant became so angry with her alcoholic mother that she struck her 13 times with a candlestick holder. Prosecutors say she killed her mother so that she could be with her boyfriend, Jack Hood, a boy her mother detested.

Supporters for Gina Grant say that she had a hard life with her abusive, alcoholic mother, and that she deserves a chance to start a new life. Gina Grant made up several stories about what happened to her mother that night but eventually pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and served six months in juvenile detention. Gina Grant has always maintained that she killed her mother in self defense.

After Gina Marie Grant was released from juvenile detention in 1991, she moved with her aunt and uncle to Massachusetts but left their home not long after, according to People's Magazine.

The next obvious question is: Where is Gina Grant now? According to public record, she now goes by the name Gina Malloy. You can find an original photo of Gina Grant here.