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Gina Carano would take a UFC fight if 'the circumstances were right'

According to a March 25 report from MMA Fighting, Gina Carano says she would take a UFC fight if the circumstances were right.

Carano, 31, hasn't competed in MMA in five years, but she never officially retired and its still her dream to fight in the UFC.

"I don't mind it at all. I've never retired. I've never officially said that," says Carano. "For some reason a part of me has always kept it open. I don't know, there's a certain part of me that thinks if circumstances were right, and I could keep doing what I'm trying to make my future into, that's an ideal world. If circumstances were right, you never know. I'm very open to it."

Carano seems to have already had a chat or two with UFC officials about her return to cage-fighting, as she hinted that she already had some conversations about it.

I feel like I can't say too much. I've got all this information that if I could just speak freely, this is actually what's going on. I wish I could open up my mind and tell you exactly the things that I've seen and the conversations that I've had, but I think to sum it up in a nice, safe way for me is if circumstances were right, and if it's a good enough circumstance (I would come back) because my first love is MMA. Of course I haven't trained for a fight in a long time so it gets kind of interesting when these rumors start coming up. But if I ever did do something like that, I would want the circumstances to be correct and right.

Analysis: Carano saying she would return to MMA if the circumstances were right likely means she would return if the money was right.

If the UFC throws a huge contract her way, it would be tough for Carano to ignore. However, if the UFC offers the same $12,000 to show and $12,000 to win deal that most other female bantamweights get, Carano would probably decline.

Carano's movie career isn't exactly thriving, as 2011's Haywire did a meager $18.9 million in the United States. The UFC should definitely show her the big bucks, and bring her back to MMA where she belongs.

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